Zendaya wanted a different ending for “Spider-Man No Way Home”!

In a recent interview, actress Zendaya explained that she would have liked a different ending for the movie “Spider-Man No Way Home”!

For some time now, cinemas have been showing the new Spider-Man No Way Home. And the least we can say is that the film with Zendaya is a real hit at the box office. He beats many records !

Zendaya Does Not Validate “Spider-Man No Way Home” Ending

At the end of the year, Spider-Man No Way Home is a real hit in the cinema. If the movie seduces audience, actress Zendaya would still have preferred another ending. In any case, this is what she recently confided. Warning Spoil.

In an interview, Zendaya confessed that she would have preferred a happy ending. She confessed: “I actually hate that we’re in these interviews like ‘This movie is so much fun !’ ».

She also confessed: “I cried the whole movie. And the first thing I said when we were done was, ‘This is terribly sad‘… Because it’s really bitter, as if I hadn’t received the sweet part ”.

The young woman confessed: “He has lost everyone he loves. I’m sorry, I wanted that [Peter et MJ] go to college together. There are going to be a lot of little children really upset« .

Like Zendaya, Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers also shared their secrets about the film. From their accounts, it seems that Andrew Garfield has validated the idea of ​​a Pete Parker « tortured In this new opus.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, they revealed: “Andrew really liked the idea that he was still tortured by what happened past in Amazing Spider-Man 2 (editor’s note: the death of Emma Stone) “.

Zendaya wanted a different ending for

A family affair

They also confided: And by what it cost him. And that he can talk to tom about it. We thought it was cool that Andrew’s Peter was still in the middle of this darkness ”. It looks like, unlike Zendaya, they liked their ending.

The writers who called on Zendaya, also gave information on Tobey Maguire. : “Tobey wanted to be very minimalist on what you might know. Very, very minimal… Tobey in particular went through this dark period« .

Before adding: “Andrew really looked at the role of the lonely younger brother. This is one of the things that we started to say. ‘He’s the middle brother!’ You have the older brother, Tobey, who is the sage ”.

The writers of Spider-Man No Way Home with Zendaya, also explained: “The middle brother, he has the impression of not having the attention of the other two. It works so well for this character ”.

“Andrew looked at younger brother syndrome. ‘The baby has all the attention! What about me? ‘ I think that brothers dynamic, which is why it’s so great when Andrew says, ‘I always have wanted to have brothers‘ ».

The writers of Spider-Man No Way Home with Zendaya confessed: “Although simplistic, it’s a great paradox for the three of them coming together and we see that” Oh, it’s not just look-alikes ! ” They are different “.

Before concluding : “They weren’t just there to do ‘Two Jedi Knight super heroes coming in and going to help you out.” to shoot down the bad guys‘ ».


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