Zara unveils its new ultra trendy and original feather shirt!

New in Zara! The feathered satin shirt is back in force after 3 years! MCE TV shows you everything.

The feathered satin shirt is all the rage at Zara after 3 years! Madness !

Zara’s new shirt: it’s making sales explode!

It’s a white long sleeve shirt, with feathered cuffs. Do you remember ? Three years ago, the famous Spanish brand Zara released their beautiful feathered shirt.

Those who did not manage to make it their own in 2018 will be delighted! This very basic styled item is actually a essential to have in your wardrobe ! Zara did strong. With the feathers, the Spanish brand hits the nail on the head.

From the top of his 70 euros, we know that he will do it again the best seller right out of the box. Because it is obviously a limited edition. The light feathers embellished at the cuffs give a very feminine style that contrasts with the boyish side of the shirt.

So how and with what to put it? MCE TV offers you great combinations ! The white shirt is already an item to have in your wardrobe. With feathers, this garment goes from basic to original.

It is very easy to wear with jeans for a casual style. You can also wear it with a little black skirt, or why not with tailored shorts.

That’s the charm of this article! It can be worn at work, on weekends or in the evening. We love ! Enough to make again the commercial craze of the moment in Zara stores.


Feathers, a key element in fashion

This must-have accessory is back in fashion. Indeed, the feather can be worn in all types of clothing. Whether on hats, jackets, shirts or even skirts, feathers are always popular.

We have always seen her! The feather has always had its place in artistic creations. Whether in fashion, decoration or theatrical performances, it’s a timeless accessory.

Inspired by Amerindian cultures, the feather was successful until the middle of the 20e century. It is used in all colors and styles. Light, she can give a style as modern as it is chic.

It’s no wonder Zara is releasing her bestseller from three years ago. This franchise, always at the forefront of fashion, always reveals pretty surprises. Back then, everyone absolutely wanted this white feathered shirt.

We agree, the feather is an accessory lots of sophistication and style. With its light side, it exudes elegance, but also madness. In the 1920s, the feather was the star in cabaret outfits.

She becomes also a flagship element in the years 30, then 40… In fact, feathers have always been the star of clothing. In addition, this accessory has greatly inspired fashion designers.

On the red carpet or on the screen, it is a timeless element that we are used to seeing. No wonder the famous brand is released again !!

Pulling out that white feathered shirt, which was all the rage 3 years ago, Zara is sure to make the shirt her fashion element of the season.