Zara: this peach pink blazer dress ensures a very elegant look!

Zara has just hit very hard by unveiling a new piece. A peach pink blazer dress that ensures an elegant look.

Good news for fashionistas. Zara has just unveiled a very elegant new piece. This is a pretty peach pink blazer dress that should give you a very chic look. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Zara at the top of the trends

It has been several years since the brand Zara has established itself in the fashion world. And this, with ultra-trendy quality pieces.

In this period of sales, the Spanish company has also pulled out all the stops by selling off iconic items. From dresses and sweaters to jeans, skirts and even accessories. There is something for all tastes and for all prices.

If you’ve always dreamed of get the famous jacket shiny black aviator (ref: 7706/194), know that this one is available at less than 80 euros thanks to its 37% reduction.

Usually sold for more than 120 euros, so it’s time to treat yourself. But that’s not all ! Summer is approaching and if you’re planning on redoing your wardrobe before the sunny days, now is the time.

So you can already buy the Zara fancy printed kaftan (ref: 8059/253). His price ? 29.99 euros instead of 39.99 euros. Also, you will surely fall for the low waist skort with belt available in two colors (lilac or black) and sold for less than 20 euros instead of the starting 29.99 euros.

A piece that seems to satisfy fashionistas since the opinions are unanimous on the Zara site. And to complete this look, don’t hesitate to get the printed draped bodysuit (ref: 0264/454) for just 12.99 euros. Parts to get urgently! MCE TV tells you more about Zara’s new products!

Zara: this peach pink blazer dress ensures a very elegant look!
Zara: this peach pink blazer dress ensures a very elegant look!

A very elegant peach pink dress

So you will understand, Zara does everything in her power for to delight its loyal customers. But while the discounted pieces are a sensation with fashionistas, the brand has also chosen to offer new products.

Thus, a brand new dress is also available on the shelves of the store. This is a peachy pink item that ensures a very elegant look.

In fact, whether you are at the office, at a dinner with friends or even on a romantic date, this outfit will always have its little effect. Kate Middleton better watch out.

The wrap-around V-neckline of the Zara dress brings a sexy touch and the fabric with gathers at the waist perfectly draws the silhouette while giving the impression that you have an ultra-flat stomach.

The shoulder pads, meanwhile, mark the build. And the long sleeves will allow you not to be too cold in this winter period.

Available from size XS to size XXL, this little marvel is sold for less than 40 euros. There is no denying that Zara is really on top at all levels!


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