Zara: this new midi skirt with an opening slims the hips!

To spend the summer well with a top silhouette, Zara is launching an easy-going skirt that will make you look sublime!

With summer back, the desire to take out our most beautiful skirts is felt. Discover this pretty split model from Zara that refines the silhouette! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Zara released the most magical skirt of the summer

The hottest season of the year is finally back. Have you ever thought about checking out your summer look? If not, a little visit to Zara is a must!

Indeed, the Spanish label is currently in the process of sell a large part of his spring/summer collection ! So now is the time to do good business to fill your dressing room.

Fashionistas should easily fall for a dress or twos which are currently going like hot cakes. If you’re more of the skirt team, then the brand has what you need too.

This summer, let yourself be seduced by this khaki piece that will be a hit in your wardrobe. Made in an linen blend fabricthis skirt split on the front has everything to please.

Both feminine and easygoing, it adapts to all occasions. Thanks to its high pleated waist on the front, it allows us to have a perfect line and sculpts the silhouettes to perfection.

Its ‘casual’ side allows it to be worn with just about anything. Mix it for example with a little too top or a loose t-shirt for the day.

In the evening, you can add a rhinestone top or an elegant bra to play the glamor card to the fullest. Of course, this Zara skirt will also be a companion perfect for going to the beach.

Easy to maintain, it washes and dries in no time. No need to iron it, because its fabric naturally has folds. How not to love it?

Zara this new midi skirt with an opening refines the hips!
Zara this new midi skirt with an opening refines the hips!

What to pair it with?

Finally, it is its price that makes everyone agree. Because to own this beautiful khaki skirt, expect to pay only 29.95 euros. Suffice to say that it is a bargain not to be missed!

Matching this skirt with other Zara pieces will prove to be child’s play! As we said, this piece goes perfectly with a top of your choice. But also why not, with a thin sweater for cooler evenings.

Aux, almost everything is allowed with her. Why not pair it with the last pair of sneakers for which you fell in love this spring? Or to make it even simpler, mix it with a pair of go-anywhere mules to ensure a chic and casual look.

To play the big game, we can also match a pair of heels. It’s up to you to see what look you want to display and for what occasion. In any case with this Zara skirt, impossible to make the wrong choice.

This skirt has only advantages. So do not hesitate to come and offer it to you for this summer. It will be a sensation wherever you go and will ensure you an ultra envied look!


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