Zara is pulling out a pretty colorful coat that will enhance your look with jeans!

Zara has just released a coat specially designed to give you a super style wearing simple jeans. Here’s what its about.

In summer or in winter, in spring or in autumn, a piece of our wardrobe is still present. We are of course talking about jeans. Indeed, it is THE garment that we wear with everything and in all seasons. But how to sublimate it? Quite simply with Zara’s new coat.

The qualities of the coat

But which coat is it? Will it keep you warm and does it have a fabric capable of protecting you from the cold? Rest assured, through this article, you should find most of the answers to your questions.

At first, Zara ensures that it is a durable and trendy piece by presenting it in an example outfit. The outfit offered by the brand shows in particular a floral print high neck sweater at 30 euros. Wide pants in medium blue wash at 26 euros.

But also leather ankle boots with heels at 80 euros and the coat in question. As we let you know above, your interest must be on the jacket can keep you warm. Since this is the product we are talking about in this article.

As a reminder, the colored coats are part of more and more in the fashion landscape. They can adapt very well to a chic style like a street style. You find all colors and especially all models.

Zara knows it and it is probably for this reason that the clothing brand wanted to play on it. However, it doesn’t really help you about the composition of the piece. Or its selling price in store or on the site.

Rest assured, the answer to all these questions will be found later in this article. You just have to go a few lines below to find out more. In order to know the price of this room as well as its composition.

Zara is pulling out a pretty colorful coat that will enhance your look with jeans!
Zara is pulling out a pretty colorful coat that will enhance your look with jeans!

Zara and her colorful coat

The fabric used mixes three different fibers in its composition. Acrylic, wool and at least 35% recycled polyester. The whole cut has a sheepskin effect finish. Which, in practice, protects from the cold and remains comfortable.

As you can see, Zara’s coat has four black buttons that open and close the coat. He owns a large collar with notched lapels. The seam on the shoulders is drooping. In addition, it has two open pockets on both sides.

You will be able stay warm thanks to its long sleeves and the lining lying on the inside. This allows you to brave the cold while keeping a perfect style to get noticed. But know one thing.

Many sizes are already out of stock. Due to the fact that the Zara product is in demand by customers. But if by chance you still find products, you will be able to choose from size XS to XL. In other words, a wide choice.

Finally comes the most important. We are of course talking about the price. Note that the price of this one is rather reasonable. Since you are not going need “only” 60 euros to get your hands on it. So if you like this jacket, you know what you have to do.


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