Zara: influencers are snapping up this ultra-comfortable dress!

This dress signed Zara is a hit with fashionistas and promises to be the trendy piece of the summer! We tell you more.

Influencers are snapping it up! This new dress from Zara brand make a splash! MCE TV tells you more.

The summer dress

In this summer season, ready-to-wear brands go above and beyond to offer us the most trendy models. And among the key pieces of this season, we find the pretty summer dress. Without too many surprises!

This light and comfortable garment is therefore very coveted by women in hot weather. Brands like Zara, H&M and Mango are taking advantage of this for nou unveil their most beautiful models.

The dresses are then available in several colors and materials. Long, mini, sleeveless, with straps…. there is something to find happiness!

Lately, it’s a dress from the Zara brand that has been a hit on social networks. Carried by the pretty influencer Veronica Diazthis trendy piece presents itself as the summer dress to shop urgently!

Not only do we love its fluid cut, perfect for being comfortable when you wear it, but also for its pretty color. As you can see in the post shared below, this dress has everything it takes to please us!

And it is not Veronica Diaz fans who will say the opposite. On Instagram, they are elsewhere nearly 23,000 to have liked his photo on the social network.

The young woman decided to combine this summer piece with a pair of white clogs. Which gives it an ultra-trendy summer look. We love.

Sales at Zara

This Zara dress is therefore a hit with fashionistas. Its charm is surely hidden in its wooden collar which gives the impression of wearing a necklace around the neck. Ideal for a bohemian and chic look.

Long and flowing, the Zara dress is available in all sizes except XL. Count 39,95 € to offer you this pretty piece of summer.

You can also wear it for an aperitif with clogs or sandals. Or even during the day combined with a nice pair of comfortable sneakers.

At the moment, sales have started at Zara and other stores. If it is possible that you will not find this piece on sale, you will find others that will surely make you crack.

At MCE TV, we have selected you the 10 best pieces to shop at the summer sales. This promo period started this Wednesday June 22 and will run until July 19 in France.

This is therefore an opportunity for brands to liquidate their collection before the summer. But also for consumers to do good business.

With inflation hitting the country hard, buyers will be delighted to buy a few trendy pieces at a lower cost. It is also a good opportunity for them to to redo a wardrobe with the new summer season.

If the big brands are looking forward to this period, this is not the case for small traders. As every year and unsurprisingly, the dates of the sales are therefore always debated. And you, how do you plan to take advantage of it?


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