Zara: her new sweater dress for winter is an incredible success!

Shock on the Web! Zara has just unveiled her new collection including a perfect sweater dress for the coming winter season!

Alert to all shopaholics: the Spanish brand Zara has just unveiled her new sweater dress for winter which is already experiencing incredible success! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

A new gem for our wardrobes

It’s no longer a secret! Winter is approaching more and more…

Indeed, you must have noticed this icy wind that freezes your fingertips from the morning. And yes, because a wave of polar cold reached the whole peninsula!

She will then make us discover the lowest temperatures from the moment. Rain, wind and snow will thus be present in many parts of the peninsula.

The good news ? It’s time to bundle up and stake it all on one new winter look.

For the occasion, it is therefore essential tohave a good coat and a mesh sweater. As usual, the Spanish brand Zara thinks of everything.

And for good reason … For you to be elegant without being cold, the brand has just launched a brand new sweater dress.

Among the latest novelties from Zara, we have indeed found a garment that is not only warm, but also very comfortable. It is therefore not surprising at all that this piece was a huge success.

Without surprise ! As soon as she hit the store shelves, she was robbed. Zara sells a dress in a few hours and breaks a whole new record.

Shock! At the same time, watch asand she is ultra hot :

Zara: her new sweater dress for winter is an incredible success!
Zara: her new sweater dress for winter is an incredible success!

A Zara sweater dress that is already making the buzz

As usual, at MCE TV, we are at on the lookout for new trends. We could not therefore miss this new dress (already sold out) but which is a real nugget!

This new model from Zara is designed in a army green color. Unsurprisingly, it’s not for nothing that this color is one of this winter’s favorites.

To slim fit and mini length greatly the legs and create a very, very flattering silhouette. It also has a round neck, long sleeves and a buttoned belt on the shoulders.

As you will have understood, Zara has once again got it right. It is also a very elegant dress and perfect for the season.

But that’s not all ! The detail that liked the most is that it is made of a fabric that chave 20% wool, perfect for staying warm this winter.

You can wear high boots with stockings. A look that you can just as well choose for a dinner or to go to work.

His price is 89.95 euros. Unfortunately, it is no longer available on the web or in stores.

It will therefore be rare to find one. The only hope we can have is that we can register on the waiting list.

Indeed, the Zara brand has promised to put it back in sale for Black Friday. To be continued…


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