Z Event 2021: all you need to know about the event

While Internet users were lost in conjectures about the mysterious ZeratoR teaser announcement, the streamer lifted the veil on the Z Event 2021, a new edition that promises to be even richer in emotions than the previous ones.

They barely had time to recover from the titanic battle that recently pitted Domingo and Benoît Paire against ZeratoR and Gaël Monfils than Internet users are already facing a new major event.

At the same time it was to be suspected, as the end of the year is gradually looming on the horizon, it was only a matter of time before the Z Event found itself again on the front. from the scene.

Thus, when ZeratoR teased a striking upcoming announcement on Thursday, October 14, Internet users suspected that he was going to unveil the program of the new edition of the long-awaited Z Event.

When will the Z Event 2021 take place?

It’s now official! The 2021 edition of the Z Event will take place from October 29 to 31.

This year again, dozens of streamers will give everything on their respective channels, sparing their efforts to try to collect as many donations as possible for the good cause.

After Save The Children, The Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières, the Institut Pasteur and Amnesty International, during this new edition of the Z Event, it is to support Action Against Hunger that streamers and viewers will mobilize together.

Who are the streamers who will participate in the event

This year, Alexclick, AlphaCast, Amine, AngleDroit, Antoine Daniel, Befreesh, Bob Lennon, CaMak, Chowh1, Dach, DamDamLive, Deujna, DFG, Doigby, Domingo, Etoiles, Gius, GoB, Gom4rt, Gotaga, Inoxtag, Jean Massiet, Jeel, Jiraya, JL Amaru, JL Fakemonster, JL Tomy, Joueur du Grenier, Kameto, Kenny, Kotei, Lapi, LeBouseuh, Lege, LittleBigWhale, Locklear, LRB, Maghla, Michou, Mister MV, MoMaN, Mynthos, Ponce, RebeuDeter, Rivenzi, Sardoche, TPK, Trinity, Ultia, Wakz, Xari and of course ZeratoR have responded.

In the days to come, like every year, streamers will unveil their donation goals, enough to give their viewers’ motivation a little boost and bring a bit of bite to donations.

The big novelty of the 2021 edition of the Z Event

For this new edition ZeratoR and Dach have decided to put the small dishes in the big ones by organizing a concert on October 28, 2021 with PVNova and LittleBigWhale, LEJ, Kikesa and Fianso, with 300 to 400 places available. From the launch of the concert, donations will be open, however, the revenue from the ticket office will only be used to finance the concert.

A YouTube channel will be created especially for reruns of the concert.

The question on everyone’s lips now is whether this new edition will explode the records set by the previous one. Fortunately, there are now only a few days to wait before finding out.


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