You’re not dreaming, these earrings are also Bluetooth headphones (or is it the opposite?)

H1 Audio Earphones © © Nova Audio

© Nova Audio

Nova Audio has decided to combine fashionable technology with the H1 Audio Earrings. Multifunctional, these wireless headphones also act as earrings.

They are designed with real pearls and materials ” premium “.

Headphones that can be worn in different ways

Featured at CES 2023 by Munich-based startup Nova Audio, the H1 Audio Earrings can be worn two different ways, either as classic earrings around the lobe or on the cartilage, like an earring. a piercing. Can be clipped or nailed, they correspond to both pierced and non-pierced ears.

The headphones can work in both cases. Their operation is similar to that of Sony’s LinkBuds WF-L900 earbuds: the speakers located behind each bead use directional sound technology. ” With our patented Directional Sound technology, sound is sent from the NOVA H1 bead directly into your ear canal, preventing sound from spreading in different directions. This means that only you will hear the person on the other end of the line. », explains Nova Audio.

While the sound quality probably doesn’t match that of headphones like the AirPods or Galaxy Buds, the company says they allow for better environmental awareness by not physically blocking ambient sounds. For example, they can prove useful at work or in a social setting, since someone can speak directly to their wearer without having to attract their attention in any other way.

What autonomy?

In terms of the battery, which is easily replaceable, the H1 Audio Earrings offer 14 hours of autonomy when associated with their charging case, which also looks like a matching jewelry box. The usage time on a single charge is 4 hours for listening to music or podcasts, but drops to 2.8 hours for a telephone conversation, since the headphones are equipped with four microphones.

Available « shortly », Nova Audio headphones will be offered in gold for 695 euros or silver for 595 euros.

Sources: The Verge, Gizmodo


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