You: who is the strange neighbor of season 3 of the Netflix series?

Season 3 of You has been released on Netflix and fans are starting to wonder. But who is the couple’s strange neighbor?

Season 3 of You is appearing and is a hit on Netflix. Fans of the series then ask themselves many questions. Who is the couple’s strange and young neighbor? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

You: the hit series

No one can miss the You phenomenon. And for good reason, the series is a huge success since he started. The episodes then follow one another and the fans are still as loyal as ever.

I have to say that Netflix always does things big. His series then hit. In short, You is no exception to the rule. The production has once again put the small dishes in the big ones.

As a reminder, the series had made a lot of noise. It must be said that viewers were very surprised to get attached to such a character. Desperate to spy on the women who obsess him, Joe Goldberg has no limits. And the latter then seem to bear the brunt of it.

After a very eventful first season, the young man ended up setting his sights on the beautiful Love. And yes, on the side of You, there is really love in the air. Once again, Joe was then shown to be obsessed with the beauty. But the latter turned out to be more complex than expected.

While they are trying to live a normal life Joe and Love are going to have great adventures again in season 3 of You. Moreover, their neighbor also seems very strange. But who is he? *Attention Spoilers* MCE TV tells you more!

Who is the strange neighbor?

Season 3 of You has appeared on Netflix. These new episodes then reserve many surprises to viewers. The latter really do not seem to be at the end of their sentences.

As a reminder, Love and Joe then try to live a normal life in You. And for good reason, the couple have just welcomed a little baby. Henry has arrived and things get complicated. Not easy !

Settled in Madre Linda, the couple get to know their new neighborhood. In the first episode, Joe then seems to fall for the neighbor. He shows himself once again obsessed with a young woman. What to worry about his wife Love then. And the beauty has really not said her last word.

But that’s not all. Théo Engler will also stand out. Nathalie’s beautiful son is going to fall head over heels in love with Love. He will have to face his impulses. For his part, Love will try to protect his couple.

The new character of You therefore risks intriguing viewers. But who is the young actor? Dylan Arnold lent his features to the character. The 27-year-old comedian is the son of actress Laurie B. Arnold. Besides, he studied at the University of North California School of the Arts. Eh yes !

In 2014, the young man stars in Girls Only with Keira Knightley. Subsequently, he then follows the roles. And for good reason, he makes his appearance in Mudbound, When We Rise or even SWAT The actor begins to be spotted.

One thing is certain, this neighbor has not finished standing out in the new season of You. Currently available on Netflix, the series is likely to shake the Web. Fans of the program are then impatiently awaiting season 4. To be continued.


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