yet another recall of more than 130,000 cars…

At the beginning of May, the American was forced to “recall” around 50,000 Model 3 Performance cars, the fault of a serious speed display problem. Fortunately, the owners did not have to drive their vehicle to the garage, since a dedicated update came to correct the problem, namely a bug which did not make it possible to know if the speed displayed on the screen was in km /h or in mph… Today, the NHTSA (the federal agency responsible for highway safety in the United States) is imposing a new recall on Tesla, even more important.

CPU overheating issues at Tesla

Indeed, the American manufacturer is forced to recall approximately 130,000 vehicles, due to a problem of overheating of the central unit of the infotainment systems of the vehicles during fast charging, which can lead to malfunction or even failure. complete shutdown of the vehicle’s touch screen. A concern that affects the 2022 versions of the Model 3 and Model Y, but also the Model X and Model S, vintage 2021 and 2022.

Again, the recall does not require owners to return their vehicle to the garage, since a dedicated update (OTA) aims again to correct this malfunction. The NHTSA recall doesn’t explain exactly what caused the problem, or how the software update fixes it, but it appears the problem is related to how the vehicle preconditions the battery ahead of using the supercharger.

A particularly annoying concern, when you know how essential the touch screen of a Tesla is for the driver, the touch screen allowing to activate / deactivate very many features. Having an inactive screen, even for a few minutes, poses serious security concerns.

Remember that Tesla has been using AMD Ryzen processors since last year, but it is impossible to know if the latter is the cause of the problem. Some drivers, however, have highlighted excessive consumption of the AMD processor, compared to the Intel Atom processor which powered the old models.


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