xScreen: this project promises to make the Xbox Series S fully portable

Want to play Forza on the beach this summer? A company known as UPspec Gaming is opening a Kickstarter campaign for a device named xScreen. It’s a detachable screen that you can plug into your Xbox Series S so you can take it anywhere.

xScreen image UPsec Gaming
xScreen, image UPsec Gaming

Tired of your Nintendo Switch? Want to play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, which arrives this summer on Xbox Series, The Medium or Forza in peace while you are on vacation at the beach? You should be interested in this new, freshly spotted Kickstarter. UPsec Gaming offers its crowdfunding for xScreen, a portable and detachable screen that turns the Xbox Series S into a true portable console.

xScreen, a Kickstarter to transform the Xbox Series S into a portable console

The xScreen detachable display comes with a built-in power supply, as well as a grommet for a power cable and a storage expansion card. As for the screen itself, it does 11.6 inches and offers Full HD resolution (1920 × 1080). It enjoys a 60Hz refresh rate and has an integrated speaker system. It can even be tilted like a laptop. Everything weighs 695 grams.

According to UPspec Gaming, on Kickstarter, the Tier 1 offering is 200 units and is about to sell for $ 159, or around € 130. After that, another 200 units will be made as part of Tier 2 and priced at $ 189, or about $ 155. The full commercial version will cost 249 dollars at the time of its final launch, approximately 205 euros.

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The company promises to disclose more details during the summer. However, you can already say that you are interested in this Kickstarter by registering on their website. This will give you access to some discounts and other small bonuses. The Kickstarter should normally be launched by the end of the summer.

And if you’re wondering why Xbox never made a portable device like Nintendo did, former Xbox boss Robbie Bach explained why earlier this year. Bach claimed that his teams ” just didn’t have the bandwidth to do this “. Maybe one day ?


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