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xrOS: the name of the Reality Pro headset OS is registered in New Zealand

Clues are piling up regarding the names of upcoming products Apple relating to mixed reality. It would therefore be Reality Pro for the helmet, RealityOS for the operating system of devices attached to the helmet, and xrOS for the operating system of the helmet itself. Always on the lookout, Mark Gurman spotted an xrOS trademark registration… in New Zealand! The brand was registered by a company called Deep Dive LLC, and everything suggests that it is a shell company that allows Apple to hide sensitive information a few months before the presentation of the helmet. The xrOS trademark registration is not accompanied by any description, which confirms a little more that the company that made the deposit wishes to evade any information that would confirm the rumors.

It is also possible, but unlikely, that a patent-troll having heard of the “leaks” on the Apple headphones hastened to register a trademark… which he could then negotiate dearly with Apple. The Reality Pro helmet should be presented during the spring according to the latest rumors, shortly before or during the next WWDC.


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