Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 for just Rs.499? Don’t buy, it is fake.

Xiaomi redmi note 4 is one of the most awaited smartphones of xiaomi as we all know that the redmi note 3 is one of the best seller smartphone of xiaomi. Also, the xiaomi redmi note 3 is also considered as a trust building smartphone for xiaomi. And as we all know xiaomi has launched it’s another smartphone that is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 which is going to be the best budget smartphone. This smartphone is available for around Rs.13000 with the high specification but we have also heard about a site i.e. mi-“offers.com” to offer this smartphone in a price which definitely made the user crazy. This site is offering the same smartphone of around Rs.13000 in just Rs.499.

First of all, let me tell you that this site is completely fake and you will get nothing even after paying Rs.499. This site is a scam just to get the personal information of users like their usernames, passwords, credit or debit cards information etc. with the help of this information, those people (who are faking to offer the smartphone in just Rs.499) try to get out the amount present in your accounts. Undoubtedly your Rs.499 will be a waste and never be refunded even they will try to empty your account balances also.

Also when you click on this website (mi-offers.com) then they will want you to complete the process to get the smartphone in just Rs.499 and there is a step in the process which want share that thing with your friends on WhatsApp, facebook and all. You this will make you also a partner in their crime.

These kinds of sites had an advertisement on different websites also, so in my opinion, try to ignore these kinds of advertisements and sites. And try to think about that practically that how is this possible that a Rs.13000 smartphone will be available at just Rs.499, and if this so then tries searching this information on the official websites of the product. Never go through with these kinds of advertisement and websites.

So be safe and secure yourself from these kinds of scams.


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