Xiaomi presents its HyperCharge capable of recharging a smartphone in just 8 minutes

Xiaomi has just unveiled its new ultra-fast charging technology reaching 200 W. It is capable of recharging a smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery in eight minutes, promises the manufacturer. An impressive score to say the least!

Xiaomi presents its HyperCharge

Xiaomi presented its Mi 11 range made up of five models at the start of the year. All of them are notably compatible with fast charging. A technology that the manufacturer will improve significantly. Indeed, Xiaomi has just presented its new ultra-fast charging technologies (wired and wireless). And these appear to be the most efficient on the market. However, it remains to know their date of availability and which devices they will be compatible with in the future.

In detail, Xiaomi presented a wired charging technology reaching up to 200 W. Enough to get a full charge in eight minutes on a phone with a 4000 mAh battery. In any case, this is what the brand ensures in its demonstration video (to be found at the end of the article). In addition, 50% autonomy is achieved in three minutes with this technology. We also observe in the sequence that the path towards 200 W is gradual, the charging power decreasing after reaching this ceiling.

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Xiaomi wants to bet on super-fast charging!

Xiaomi also unveiled its 120 W wireless HyperCharge. Also using a modified Mi 11 Pro with a 4000 mAh battery, the company ensures that the latter can be fully recharged in 15 minutes. The 50% autonomy is reached in 7 minutes via induction. But when will we be able to benefit from these daring innovations? For the moment, Xiaomi has remained silent on the arrival date of the HyperCharge on its future flagships. We will therefore have to wait to find out more.

Let it be said, the Chinese firm seems to want to stand out by offering revolutionary charging technologies. With this in mind, Xiaomi had unveiled at the beginning of the year a wireless charger operating from several meters away. The Mi Air Charge would thus make it possible to remotely recharge several devices simultaneously. As with HyperCharge, however, we do not know when this technology will hit the market.


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