Xiaomi makes its official entry in France and Italy in this month

Xiaomi, the smartphone and tech gadget manufacturer from China announced they are expanding their reach to France and Italy later this month. Xiaomi is the world’s 4th largest smartphone manufacturing company after Samsung. They have a wide range of
smartphones. Not just smartphones they have a greater portfolio of non-smartphone gadgets like mini robots, fitness trackers, cleaner bots and even laptops.

Xiaomi has developed strong roots in China and India with its budget range of smartphones Redmi. The Redmi line up of devices is a huge success especially in India and managed to be the top-selling smartphone of the year for consecutive 3 years. Xiaomi also managed to dethrone Samsung in India for the most number of smartphones sold overall in a quarter year.

The success of the company we believe is heavily due to the pricing which gains attention. They sell their smartphone at a very light price comparative to the competitors with similar
specifications. They even managed to pull off the first full-screen phone 2 years back in the
name of Mi Mix.

Their name spread across the globe though they were not officially available in Europe and
America. They set foot on Europe starting from Spain last year. It was a success for Xiaomi
there. Later they expanded their range of smartphones to Russia, Ukraine and Poland. Not
every country gets the same set of smartphones and same attention.

Xiaomi’s announcement

Xiaomi’s twitter post today said they are coming to France and Italy on May 22nd and 24th respectively. Though Xiaomi does not sell phones officially, some tend to get Xiaomi phones
from 3 rd party online retailers with a marginal price hike which still manages to stay under
the competitors’ price range. With this arrival, it must be a win-win situation, both for
Xiaomi and customers.

Earlier this week we saw news popping out claiming Xiaomi has signed a partnership deal with CK Hutchinson. Three, a leading Telecom in the UK is run by CK Hutchinson and the
Xiaomi seems to have strike a deal with them to sell their smartphones linked with a
telecom carrier. Most people in UK and US prefer carrier contract smartphones since that
makes them feel the installments and the mobile bills are lighter than they are separate.
Partnering with Three Telecom network is a good move since it will be an easy ticket to
enter in UK, Denmark, Austria, Ireland and Sweden where the same carrier excels on its
services. We also expect Three to help Xiaomi to launch its phones in France and Italy and
make them carrier exclusive, at least a few models.

There is no word or rumors on what phone Xiaomi has planned for France and Italy. Xiaomi is an expert in our opinion when it comes to choosing the right one as per the market demands. We expect one of the flagship Mi Mix 2s to find its place in all of the European markets Xiaomi is landing. Apart from that Mi A2, Android One device which is about to hit

the shelves, the successor of the mighty Mi A1 which earned names for the company has
good chances to reach new markets.

Xiaomi’s endeavors on European markets is a good success and as said by CEO, they are entering the US market before the end of this year.


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