Xbox / Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility on Xbox Series is over

Last night, as part of his big birthday party #Xbox20, Microsoft has significantly expanded the catalog of backward compatible games for its Xbox One and Xbox Series S | X. In total, a little more than 70 new Xbox and Xbox 360 games have been playable for a few hours on Xbox One, and on Xbox Series.

The end of backward compatibility on Xbox?

This way, if you still have a copy of Max Payne 3, Ridge Racer 6, Otogi, Dead or Alive 3, FEAR, or even Red Dead Revolver, just insert the disc in your Xbox, download an update, and (re) play your favorite game. Of course, if you have a digital version of the game, the process will be to download the game in question directly from the Xbox Marketplace.

This is excellent news, however, which is accompanied by a little less glorious news… Indeed, if Microsoft had thrilled the crowds at E3 2015 by launching its much-awaited backward compatibility program (on Xbox One), and s’ is working to expand the catalog over the months, this same program ends today. Indeed, the massive addition of the last few hours will be Microsoft’s latest effort when it comes to backward compatibility on Xbox One and Xbox Series.

It is Peggy Lo, in charge of the backward compatibility program at Xbox, who confirms: “While we continue to focus on preserving and enhancing video game art, we have reached the limit of our ability to bring new games from the past to the catalog due to licensing, legal and technical constraints.”Note however that this will not prevent Microsoft from“ boosting ”certain games already available, including FPS Boost and Auto HDR, but also other visual optimizations.

So don’t expect another update to the Xbox backward compatible games catalog. However, since 2015, several hundred Xbox and Xbox 360 games have been integrated by Microsoft, and which are now playable (in excellent conditions) on the new Xboxes. To conclude, it should be noted that the games of the first Xbox benefit from an increase in their resolution on Xbox Series X | S and on Xbox One, with a resolution 4 times higher on Xbox Series X and Xbox One X, 3 times higher on Xbox Series S, and 2 times higher on Xbox One S and Xbox One.

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