Xbox Reveals New Mandalorian Controller

Microsoft did pull back the curtain on the brand-new wireless Xbox controller that is based on the Mandalorian. All the fans and players will be happy to know that the Xbox is currently revealing the new Mandalorian controller.

As it is available for pre-order now, all the fans should know that they must not miss the chance to get the new Mandalorian controller as soon as possible. You must know that the new and latest controller has such a design that will intentionally resemble the Beskar steel suit of Mando. 

One of the best things that most of the gamers did like about the new Mandalorian controller is that it is featuring a graphic based on the helmet of the character on the charging stand.

You should know that it also has an image of what looks like a The Child as you can see on the back of the controller. All the fans who are planning to get the new Mandalorian controller will have to make sure to take on some of the bounties before pre-ordering the controller.

The new Mandalorian controller will be available to pre-order at a price of $169.99. You will be happy to know that now you can be able to play the game with such an amazingly designed Mandalorian controller. 

Just the same as other Xbox controllers, the Mandalorian controller will be definitely compatible with the Xbox One platforms along with Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Windows 10, Android, and iOS devices.

One thing is sure that all the players will be able to get an exciting as well as adventurous experience while playing the game with the all-new and latest Mandalorian controller.

You must know that there is no game that has been dedicated to the Mandalorian yet but fans are hoping for it as well. All the fans currently want to get their hands on the Mandalorian controller as soon as possible. 


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