Xbox Responds To Halo Infinite Microtransaction Concerns

Many of you may have surely heard of Halo Infinite’s new Coating customization which happens to be the reason for some controversies. It is sure that there are so many fans and followers that are concerned about it.

You need to know that John Junyszek, Community Manager at Halo did manage to address the use of microtransactions in the game. 

Recently, on Twitter,m John explains to all the fans with a Tweet that they will indeed have to pay for some of the coatings that are available in the customizations. But that will not be the only way for the players to get those coating customizations.

It will be possible for any player to acquire some of the coatings by unlocking some new options in the Halo Infinite game.

While there are some other coatings that are available in the game that the players can be able to get through retailer exclusives as well as engaging in other promotional tie-ins.

You should know that there are some exclusive coatings that all the players will find in the game soon in the GameStop locations as the 434 Industries did reveal it already.

As you all know that coatings will be cosmetic in nature, it does not have the element of surprise for the fans that they can get some of the coatings through Microtransactions.

One thing is sure that there have been several controversies that Microtransactions have been leading to in the Video Game industries from the past few years.

There are so many publishers who are trying to avoid such types of charges as players with a great fortune will get an advantage. 

Most of the fans are currently wondering about what kind of coatings will be available in the near future and whether it will be available through Microtransactions or in-game unlockables. 


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