Xbox Game Pass might have hit 30 million subscribers

Watch what you say, Strauss

Ah, it’s a hell of a mess that maybe made Strauss Zelnick, the charismatic PDG de Take-Two, during Yahoo! Finance in the company of Phil Spencer, the famous Microsoft vice president at the head of the xbox division. Bringing up the subject of Xbox Game Pass, Zelnick blurted out that Xbox Game Pass would have reached the 30 million subscribers.

Officially, le Xbox Game Pass made the happiness of 18 million subscribers at the start of the year, but it is quite possible that the figure has changed in the last semester. This is why a number as precise as 30 millions naturally come into the conversation looks suspicious, as reported by wccftech. Calm, Phil Spencer did not confirm the information.

  • Strauss Zelnick: Phil didn’t showcase his own service, which is impressive considering he could have… but you have about 30 million subscribers, Phil, don’t you? Something like that ?
  • Phil Spencer: The last public figure we announced was 18 [millions].
  • Zelnick: Oh, for some reason I thought …
  • Host: But it’s really 30 [millions] ?
  • Zelnick: It’s more than 18. The point is, it’s a big number anyway.

With major titles like GTA 5 and NBA 2K who made a passage in le Game Pass, it is certain that important figures like Strauss Zelnick have access to more recent figures, compared to communications to the public.

If this inadvertently released figure turns out to be correct, it would mean that Microsoft’s service continues to grow at a more than sustained rate, although it is not certain that it is profitable at the moment.


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