Xbox boss is wary of NFTs

The NFT (Non Fongible Token, or Token Non Fongible in French) you may have heard of. But, is that perhaps still unclear to you? To put it simply, this is a technological advance born thanks to the Blockchain. This allows you to own a digital token, which authenticates and tracks the value of an entirely digital asset, or an asset linked to a physical object, so as to be immutable and inviolable. Lately, rapper Booba has made the buzz in offering its first NFT title.

Not surprisingly, the NFT should arrive sooner or later in the video game world. For his part, Phil Spencer, the general manager of Xbox is not yet excited by this principle.

Phil Spencer calms the game around NFTs

Phil Spencer Xbox Fanboys The Verge


It is in an interview with the Axios site, that Phil Spencer made some revelations about the future of NFT at Xbox. According to the latter, it does not look very glorious.

What I would say today about NFTs, all in all, is that I think there is a lot of speculation and experimentation going on, and some of the creations I see today are more than the order of exploitation as entertainment. I think anything we see in our catalog that we see as exploitation would be something we would take action on. We don’t want that kind of content.

Phil Spencer is therefore categorical, Xbox does not want to have this kind of content within Xbox Game Studios. But what about third-party publishers who would like to feature this in their games coming out on Xbox?

I don’t think it is necessary for every NFT game to be operated. I just think that we are in this period where people find out everything. And I can understand that at first you see a lot of things that are probably not things you want to have in your store.

Publishers will therefore have to be careful. Phil Spencer criticizes NFTs for being a new, still misunderstood, very recent technology that all players do not yet understand.

NFTs in video games: a real interest?

NFT Pizza Hut

Le NFT Pizza Hut © Pizza Hut

Today, when you buy a character skin in games like Fortnite, you unlock an extremely rare item after an endless loot session. This is also the case in other titles like Destiny, FIFA Ultimate Team or World of Warcraft. Often times, you have to reach into your wallet to get items… But alas, nothing really belongs to you.

With NFTs, that may be able to change. If your Fortnite character skin was an NFT, you would be free to resell it, rent it, transfer it to another account, or keep it. You would be the one and only owner. In FIFA, your FUT card collection might not start from scratch every year.

Ubisoft is one of the first “mainstream” companies to have immersed itself in the NFT adventure with its Les Lapins Crétins franchise. The French publisher has worked hand in hand with Sorare, the pioneers of NFT football games. Electronic Arts recently announced that the firm will also be interested in NFT after having studied the technology at length, to understand its evolutions applicable to their various games and services.

Compromising the rental business model without the right to own the Game Pass, Microsoft does not see it very well. It is now around Take Two to look into the matter. One thing is certain, this technology will arrive sooner than expected in the video game industry.


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