With this Internet box, Fiber is 2 times cheaper than the competition

Normally, an Internet box equipped with Fiber easily costs 30 or 40 euros per month so that you can benefit from a high-performance offer. If prices in France remain relatively attractive compared to other countries, it is possible to do better today. Bouygues Telecom is pulling out all the stops now with an offer for less than 10 euros per month.

Thanks to this exceptional operation, the Bbox Fit is displayed at the price of only 9.99 euros per month. This is clearly the best offer of the year from the supplier, knowing that this formula usually costs 15.99 euros per month. It had been a long time since Bouygues Telecom had drawn such an aggressive reduction.

To discover the Bbox Fit, it’s here:

Discover the Bbox Fit

If it happens that the operators reveal offers on their Internet box during the year, the Bbox Fit surpasses the competition with this discount. No operator, be it Orange, SFR or even Free, can display such a crazy price, they settle for prices up to twice as high for similar formulas.

This discount on the Bbox Fit Internet box is new this year, but it is also ephemeral. Bouygues Telecom did not indicate on its official website when the operation ended, which means that it can return to its original price at any time. Afterwards, you will probably have to wait several months, at least, for it to drop below the 10 euro per month mark.

Why fall for the Bbox Fit Internet box?

The Bbox Fit Internet box is the most accessible formula at Bouygues Telecom. What is relevant is that it goes to the essentials without skimping on the quality of the network connection. Thus, you are entitled to Fiber and telephony, all for less than 10 euros per month, here is the detail.

Today, this Internet box drops to the exceptional price of 9.99 euros per month for one year for high-speed Fiber (400 Mb/s download and 400 Mb/s upload) as well as unlimited calls to landlines in France and more than 110 countries.

Discover the Bbox Fit

If this Internet box does not include TV and you need this option, don’t panic. Indeed, you can add it as an extra for a few euros more per month. Otherwise, there is also another possibility, which is to take the Bbox Must, Bouygues Telecom’s second formula, which has the merit of including Fiber, telephony and TV. In addition, it is also covered by a very relevant discount.

Today, the Bbox Must is at 15.99 euros per month for broadband Fiber (1 Gb/s download and 700 Mb/s upload), unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France and to landlines in more than 110 countries as well as the TV option with more than 180 TV channels, a Bbox 4K TV decoder and a 100-hour TV recorder.

Discover the Bbox Must

Take an Internet box at Bouygues Telecom

Changing your Internet box for Bouygues Telecom is simple, the whole procedure is done directly online on the supplier’s official website. To start, you have to check that you are indeed eligible for Fiber, just fill in the postal address of the accommodation concerned by the upcoming installation. You get the answer in seconds.

Then, you just have to choose the Internet box that interests you and follow the procedure, it takes less than ten minutes and you will receive the new device in a few days after the validation of the order. At the same time, Bouygues Telecom offers quality customer service accessible online, but also directly in store. You are bound to get your questions answered.

Like the other suppliers, Bouygues Telecom offers formulas with a one-year commitment period. It is also the period during which the price is the most advantageous, it is the same at Orange, SFR and others. After a year, the Bbox Fit goes back to the price of 30.99 euros, which gives you time to save -35% of the base price (15.99 euros) over the entire first year. For its part, the Bbox Must goes back to 40.99 euros per month.

To this, it should be added that Bouygues Telecom can take up to 100 euros in termination fees if you leave your current supplier for one of its subscriptions, this allows you to make the transition without having to hand over the pocket. It is very rare to find an Internet box for less than 10 euros per month, it is the first opportunity of the year from the supplier, so take advantage of it without delay.

To take advantage of Bouygues Telecom’s Internet boxes, it’s here:

Discover the Bbox Fit

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