With the meteoric success of its beta, the final version of Splitgate will wait

There are only crossovers nowadays

The success of Splitgate open beta caught 1047 Games off guard. With 10 million curious players which have brought the servers to their knees for several weeks, PC Gamer reports that the small studio has decided to take advantage of all these guinea pigs to take the time to polish the game.

Thereby, version 1.0 – which was already due out on July 27 – was postponed until an indefinite date, as indicated CEO Ian Proulx :

[Splitgate] will remain in open beta for the foreseeable future as the small studio continues to develop the popular arena shooter with portals which recorded over 10 million downloads in its first 30 days of open beta.

From a few thousand to more than 175,000 players simultaneously on PC and consoles (Splitgate is also cross-play) in just a few weeks, the studio really did not expect such a craze. Players must undergo long queues before being able to connect to the game’s services, and increase server capacities is not just a question of size:

Why is Splitgate attracts so much? Imagine the immediate start The gameplay of Halo with the dynamic portals of … Portal, with mental gymnastics exercise that goes with. The mix is ​​explosive, done with great taste and devilishly fun.

The question remains whether snowball effect caused by this peak of interest can be transformed in a sustainable community, but with such potential, delay the release of version 1.0 of Splitgate seems like a good idea.


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