With or without Musk, the Edit button is on the way

One of the most requested functions by Twitter users is the Edit button, which allows you to modify a tweet after it has been published. But for years, the platform hesitated, for obvious reasons, to offer this one. Today, however, the function is well and truly under development.

This button was talked about again a few months ago, when Elon Musk was trying to take control of Twitter. After buying shares of the microblogging platform, the boss of Tesla had published a survey to ask his subscribers if they want an Edit or “Modify” button.

Following this publication by Elon Musk, Twitter came out of its silence. Via the TwitterComms account, the company wrote that “since everyone is asking” it confirms that the feature has been in development since last year. The company had also already clarified that the idea did not come from Elon Musk’s survey.

The famous, long-awaited Edit button

After buying shares of Twitter, Elon Musk refused a place on the company’s board of directors. Indeed, his goal was not to be a shareholder, but to buy the company. Thus, a deal was finally concluded between Twitter and Musk for a takeover of Twitter at 44 billion dollars.

Unfortunately or not, this agreement could now fall through. Elon Musk and Twitter are currently engaged in a legal battle. Tesla boss wants to get out of the deal, while Twitter wants to push the terms and force Elon Musk to buy the company.

But regardless, the Edit button remains relevant. If Twitter does not communicate much about the development of this highly anticipated feature, Jane Manchum Wong, a specialist in reverse engineering, was able to follow the evolution of it.

While the button is not yet available, she was able to activate this one, and show us how the edited tweets will look when embedded on web pages.

“Embedded Tweets will indicate if they have been edited or if there is a new version of the Tweet. When a site embeds a Tweet and it changes, the embed does not show the new version (replacing the old one). Instead, it displays an indicator that there is a new version”says the expert.

This discovery allows us to learn more about how Twitter’s Edit button works when launched. It also shows that the company will continue to work on this feature despite the problems it has to manage due to Elon Musk’s withdrawal from the takeover agreement.

At this time, it’s unclear when Twitter will launch this feature. But in any case, it is likely that before being deployed to the general public, the functionality will first be tested by paying Twitter subscribers, via the Twitter Blue offer. Indeed, one of the advantages offered with this paid offer is the possibility of testing the new functionalities before everyone else. For example, when Twitter integrated NFTs, it launched this feature for paid Twitter Blue subscribers.



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