With Escape Season, Ash Is Next Legend To Join Apex Games

It was itching to go down into the arena

At dawn of a new season of Apex Legends, Escape, Respawn Entertainment unveils the next legend to join the roster, a face well known to fans of Titanfall : Ash.

Teased since season 5 of Apex Legends which introduced many, Fortune’s Favor, Ash has been a common thread in the script for some time of the Battle Royale. With season 9 Legacy, Ash has since become the shadow figure overseeing the new Arena mode in Apex Legends, but it will be a question of embody it in next season. The trailer suggests at the Simulacre has a liability with Horizon.

Being the daughter of one of the bosses of Titanfall 2, Valkyrie was already a nice nod to the titanfall series which shares the same universe as the Battle Royale, but Ash was a boss from Titanfall 2, defeated by Jack Cooper and crushed by the hand of BT-7274. Respawn always dares more links with the universe of Titanfall, which has the potential to annoy fans who are hoping a 3rd part.

In any case, the details on this 11th season are still poor, although the game’s official website tease new dangers to face in Apex games and a new weapon that the players of Titanfall will be happy to find: the popular CAR submachine gun.


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