With Apple Music Voice, Apple will shake Spotify and Deezer

This new Apple keynote focused on music and Macs. With the arrival of AirPods 3, the Cupertino company also presented the new colors of its connected speaker, the HomePod Mini, as well as the launch of a new subscription formula to Apple Music.

Apple Music Voice, what is it?

Apple always goes further to offer you a unprecedented musical experience. On this October 18, the apple brand presented its new musical offering designed especially for Siri: Apple Music Voice.

Available this fall, Apple Music Voice will give you access to a rich, very rich musical catalog: 90 million songs and tens of thousands of playlists. All this from Siri.

New for Apple Music: playlists according to your mood or your activity land, as well as personalized mixes. Like what other music platforms like Spotify or Deezer do, in short. These new features will also be accessible with Apple Music Voice.

This new Apple Music subscription formula has been designed entirely and specially around Siri technology. With Apple Music Voice, exit the interface, Siri directly takes care of everything. For information, only one person can have access to the Apple Music Voice subscription but from all of their Apple devices.

Apple Music Voice Plan

© Apple

And the best part may well be the price: 4.99 euros per month only. Apple promises its users a new and intuitive musical experience just with their (soft) voice.

HomePod Mini, more colorful than ever

What better way to fully enjoy Apple Music Voice than new features on the side of Apple’s connected speaker, the HomePod Mini? Yes, in the process, the team of Tim Cook announced the imminent arrival of new colors.

In addition to the space gray and white, always present, are added blue, yellow and orange. This last color, moreover, reminds us very strongly of the Google Mini of three years ago. But either …

Apple HomePod Mini 2021

© Apple

Remember that with the HomePod Mini, you can listen to the music you want with the 360 degree sound, use Siri to set reminders for yourself during manual activities, and even call your kids to the table without yelling all over the house. Apple took the opportunity to recall the relevance of its connected speakers, especially if you have one in every room of your home.

The new colors of the HomePod Mini will be available in the coming days and the price is still the same: 99 euros.

HomePod mini at the best price Base price: 99 €

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