With a release for current 2023, the necromancer of Diablo IV awakens the Xbox conference

With Microsoft poised to acquire Activision-Blizzardthe presence of Diablo IV at the conference Xbox & Bethesda Showcase isn’t really a surprise, but it’s still nice. Especially when it allows to discover a new class well known to fans: the necromancer.

Made with the game engine that does its best to sing the gothic and dark atmosphere of Diablo 2the kinematics of presentation of the necromancer fart… the class, but that’s not all. Blizzard took advantage of the conference to detail the general experience of Diablo IV a little more, thanks to a new gameplay video.

Above all, this announcement provides a final touch to the original Hack’n’Slash roster. With the class necromancerplayers will also have the choice to embody the barbarian, the thief, the witch or the druid.

This quick overview of Diablo IV recalls the main promises of this new opus which arrives 10 years later Diablo III : an ever more open world, extensive character customization, ubiquitous social functions with the possibility of participating in multiplayer events as des World Bossnew development prospects for the endgameet dungeons. Lots of dungeons.

Diablo IV rests above all on the choices of the players. There isn’t just one way to play; each person traces their path, shapes their destiny, nothing is linear and everything depends on the decisions made. This principle is also valid for character customization, skills, exploration of the shared open world of Diablo IV and its social systems and, of course, for the end game.

In reality, this presentation mainly offers two rather important surprises around Hack’n’Slash: opening of registrations for the first beta and a release date which comes close to something definitive: courant 2023.


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