With 65% discount, this antivirus on Mac is a nugget (flash sale)

It’s not just electronics that are on sale for Black Friday. On the software side, there are also some nice offers like this antivirus for Mac Intego which drastically reduces its prices. In an ephemeral way, it displays its security suite at € 29.99 instead of € 84.99 per year. This corresponds to 65% immediate discount: it’s unheard of.

See the offer on Intego

In this pack, we find:

  • An excellent antivirus
  • Mac cleaner
  • A parental control tool
  • An automatic back-up tool

For less than 2.50 euros per month, you therefore have an ultra-complete security suite. If you’ve got the opportunity to put that budget into the first year (at least to understand how much Intego can change everything for your Mac), it’s a great investment. Its antivirus is excellent: AV-Test claims that its software filters out 100% of viruses on Macs.

A highly attractive security package

For Black Friday, Intego also offers a special discount on its antivirus alone: ​​it is € 19.99 instead of € 49.99. Of course, we recommend it. But that said, if you add 10 € on the first year, you will have all three other software in addition with the above offer. Having a tool to clean your Mac (remove duplicates, obsolete installation files, etc.) is essential: you will save storage space but above all speed.

If having an antivirus as good as Intego’s is already a luxury, we have to look further. If your computer ever breaks, your data will be lost. In the worst case, if a hacker manages to put a virus on you with ransomware, they will also be lost. To avoid any such situation, its backup tool is also important. On a regular basis, it backs up all your files in a secure cloud so that you can find them at any time.

In the end, this Intego Mac Premium Bundle suite is the combination of a Bitdefender, a CleanMyMac and a Dropbox. If you take these three services independently, it will cost you between 300 and 400 € per year. By opting for the Black Friday offer at Intego, you will only have to spend € 29.99 for it. It’s 10 times cheaper and just as effective.

We can only recommend Intego, we have done the test and we are convinced of the product. We believe it is the best Mac antivirus available on the market. It is not only very good at identifying attacks, but it is also very intuitive and pleasant. It can be forgotten, it will not bother you as is the case with other competing software.

To take advantage of this flash sale, it’s here:

See the offer on Intego


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