Wireless Charging Rumors of iPhone 12 – Latest Leak Thickens The Plot

There will surely be so many questions that you may be wondering about iPhone 12. But one of the most common questions that all of the interested customers have about this smartphone is whether it will support wireless charging or not.

Just the same as iPhone 11, if the iPhone 12 smartphone will have wireless charging or if it will have reverse charging. Here are all the things that we know so far about the all-new and upcoming smartphone, iPhone 12. 

As you all may know that the tech giant, Apple did decide to launch the iPhone 12 series at a virtual event on Tuesday, 13th October. It is sure that you must have heard a ton of rumors about the new smartphone.

You may have heard about the specs, price, and helpful potential features. The phone will be able to provide the user with overall great experience. But we can expect that the new iPhone 12 will feature wireless charging.

Also, every iPhone did manage to integrate the wireless charging, iPhone 12 will also have it. 

It is totally tempting to know that the leak will show a new magnetic iPhone case along with the MagSafe and two official Apple wireless chargers.

Yes, You can be able to see the MagSafe charger as well as MagSafe Duo charger when you will look at the leak. Also, you must know that one or both of the wireless MagSadfe chargers will have 15 watts of the output power.

The leaked information suggests that the new iPhone 12 series can have magnetic positioning. One thing is sure that almost all the interested customers will get the best value for the money when purchasing any of the iPhone 12 model smartphones. 


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