Windows 11 will be deployed on our machines from October 5

We still have no news from the 9

Two months after its announcement, Microsoft confirms a deployment window for Windows 11 : from October 5.

This new version of Windows should bring quite a bit of functionality into the age of time, starting with a new sleek design, a new store brand new, with the possibility of installing Android applications. What’s more, Microsoft Teams will be integrated automatically and directly accessible from a new toolbar, with a “Start” button now in the center of the screen.

However, these are features for video games that interests us, and Microsoft assures us that Windows 11 is shielded: l’application Xbox will be installed by default and new technologies should improve the life of players, like DirectStorage and l’Auto-HDR, already doing wonders in the Xbox Series X. A graphics processor compatible DirectX 12 will also be required to install the new OS.

As usual, not everyone will benefit Windows 11 deployment from the official release date: free updates from Windows 10 will be proposed by waves, the objective being that everyone could benefit from the mi-2022. This should allow Microsoft to ensure better compatibility with a maximum of existing PCs, the most recent machines entitled to update first.

An update to PC Health Check will be released soon to see if your PC is compatible with Windows 11, but the more daring can already download and install the latest trial version by joining the Insider program.


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