Windows 11: this bug makes the installation of the new OS impossible

For some users, installing Windows 11 is a real crossroads. And a new dysfunction has been added to the problems already observed. We take stock.

Windows 11: Start menu

Some users had no problem upgrading Windows 10 to the new OS. But others simply fail to obtain Windows 11. And Microsoft has just confirmed the existence of yet another bug that hinders the installation of the new OS. In this case, compatibility problems have been discovered between Windows 11 and applications embedding non-ASCII characters in their registry keys or subkeys. So much so that the operating system fails to install.

And in case the installation is successful, the aforementioned apps might not open. What’s more, they can crash the computer. For information, the ASCII table is used to associate a code with characters like the alphabet in upper and lower case, numbers, punctuation, symbols (#, @, $ …) or even non-characters. -displayable (new line).

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Microsoft is working on a fix

Still, this table was designed by Anglo-Saxons. So it does not include accents, “ç” and other characters used outside of the English language. Specific standards exist for other countries such as France. But these can have compatibility issues with Windows 11, which is obviously a problem.

Microsoft is in any case working on a fix that should hopefully land soon. “We are currently investigating and will provide an update when more information becomes available,” the company specifies before warning users: “We recommend that you do not attempt to upgrade manually via the ‘Upgrade’ button. update now ‘or the Media Creation Tool until this issue is resolved ”.

Since the official release of the operating system, other issues have also been reported. It turns out that Windows 11 slows down some AMD processors. In addition, some users had confirmation on PC Health Check that their computer was indeed compatible. However, they were unable to initiate the update on Windows Update. If you are in this case, we advise you to use the Windows 11 installation ISO.



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