Windows 11: the performance of the Android subsystem looks promising

On Windows 11, it will be possible to install Android applications directly from the Microsoft Store. To do this, a new Android subsystem will emerge. And the first supposed benchmarks are very promising.

Windows 11 Android and Microsoft Store

Among the new features of Windows 11, support for Android applications is one of the most anticipated by users. As promised by Microsoft, in the future it will be possible to launch Android apps seamlessly on your computer. However, this support will not be effective as of October 5, the day of the official release of Windows 11.

It will indeed be necessary to wait several months before benefiting from the Android subsystem. Which is based on Intel Bridge technology which makes it possible to build a bridge between Android and Windows. First, preview versions will be available exclusively to members of the Windows Insider program. Before full deployment in 2022.

Android on Windows 11: performance varies depending on the hardware?

To run the applications, it will necessarily go through an emulation technique. Which is often synonymous with a drop in performance. Still, supposed benchmarks of the Android subsystem for Windows 11 have just leaked on the Web. The results vary enormously but are very promising, as our colleagues at XDA Developers point out.

The highest score in single-core is 820. The highest score in multi-core exceeds 3000. For comparison, this performance is close to that offered by a smartphone powered by a Snapdragon 865 processor, at the like OnePlus 8, OPPO Find X2 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S20 (in some markets). Either flagship smartphones from last year.

However, the notable differences between the results are puzzling. It is not known on which processors these performance tests were carried out. Some lines indicate that it is a Qualcomm processor. On others it is simply written “Reserved space”. Still, the name of the Qualcomm processor is probably fictitious since everything is done via emulation.

At any rate, we can fear that the performance of the Android subsystem will be daunting on some PCs but much less on others. As long as there is no official confirmation, this information should obviously be considered with caution.



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