Windows 11: Skype will disappear in favor of Microsoft Teams

The arrival of Windows 11 is imminent. If no date has been announced, its release could arrive by the end of the year. According to Windows Latest, when Windows 11 is released, Skype will disappear in favor of Microsoft Teams, a proprietary collaborative communication application.

Skype Windows 11
Skype, Windows 11. Image Windows Latest

According to Windows Latest, Skype will no longer be installed by default on machines running Windows 11. Instead, Microsoft will integrate Microsoft Teams, a proprietary collaborative communication application released in 2016. This information originally comes from a leaked version of Windows 11 which was found on the Internet. And who did not understand Skype by default.

Windows 11: Skype will disappear in favor of Microsoft Teams

Windows 11 is expected to be available later this year, with an all-new design close to Windows 10X. The most notable changes in Windows 11 are the taskbar that will be centered and the layout of the Start menu, but not that. There will also be other minor changes in this new version of the operating system.

In a leaked version on the internet, Skype no longer appears in the list of preinstalled software. Which means you’ll no longer see Skype when Windows 11 launches, although you can still get it from the Microsoft Store.

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Windows 11 has also dropped support for Meet Now, a taskbar tool that lets you create and participate in Skype video calls right from the desktop. Meet Now is offered with the Skype communication platform and appears as a camera button in the taskbar area, next to the system tray.

On the leaked version of Windows 11, the Meet Now button is also found removed from the taskbar. Microsoft would be working on a new feature that will eventually replace this button with another linked to Microsoft Teams. This would allow users to more easily access their Teams conversations and online meetings. This feature would be called Meet & Chat.



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