Windows 11: Discover the major visual overhaul of Microsoft Office

Microsoft has announced that the future iteration of Microsoft Office on Windows 11 will benefit from a 64-bit ARM version. A major visual overhaul was also confirmed.

Microsoft Office on Windows 11
Microsoft Office on Windows 11 (credits: Microsoft)

Microsoft presented its new operating system which is none other than Windows 11. This one is distinguished in particular by its interface with a design very different from that of its ancestor Windows 10. Precisely, this graphic evolution is also manifested on Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook…). Softer colors, rounded edges, Fluent Design… The interface of the aforementioned programs thus becomes more refined and intuitive. This should significantly improve the user experience.

Among the new features, we note in particular the ability of applications to adapt to the theme chosen by the user. So if you have chosen dark mode for Windows 11, for example, you can use Word without fear of being dazzled by the clarity of the interface, the program switching to dark mode. A more than welcome harmonization. Another appreciable novelty, it will be possible to customize the ribbon as desired in order to integrate the tools and commands that you use most often. Enough to make your life much easier.

New Microsoft Office Available Now for Windows Insider Members

This refurbished Office pack is available now for those who have joined the Windows Insider program. Before being able to benefit from it, however, you must have obtained the beta version of Windows 11 upstream. A developer preview of which here are the installation steps. After acquiring the new Office pack, it will be possible to remove or replace the new design as desired by clicking on the megaphone icon located in the upper right corner of the menu.

Note that it will be necessary to first uninstall the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office to install its native 64-bit version under ARM architecture. In particular, it will offer better performance on large documents or full of images. In addition, 64-bit add-ons will be supported. Moreover, the new Office pack will also be available on Windows 10, pending the free upgrade to Windows 11.

Beta version requires, there are still some graphics inconsistencies and bugs inside the new Microsoft Office. Which will be corrected in future updates, assures Microsoft.



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