Windows 10 Update Changes The Copy and Paste Game

You will be happy to know that your Windows 10 clipboard is all set to land on Android devices. The upcoming update of Windows 10 is surely going to enhance the overall experience of the user along with the existing Cloud Clipboard facility.

It will allow the users to copy and paste any material all across their devices and that too very easily. It will be only possible to use Microsoft’’s Azure Cloud Computing services. 

As you all know that the feature was introduced back in 2018, it is currently in the sync with the clipboard content all across multiple Windows 10 computers that are attached to the same Microsoft account.

It means that you can easily be able to access as well as copy and paste any content that is present in another device in which you have logged in with your Microsoft account.

For example, it will be possible for the user to copy the text on their clipboard on their desktop and paste the content into any document that the user did store in the laptop later on.

That is why there will be so many benefits that users will be able to avail of using the new update of the Windows 10. 

However, Microsoft is currently working hard to extend this helpful and amazing tool or feature to several phones as well as tablets. Also, the aim of the company includes the company’s SwiftKey Keyboard app for Android.

All the users will be happy to know that they are able to copy as well as paste things instantly due to the use of the new update of Windows 10.

It is indeed changing the entire copy and paste game that people have been using to copy and paste several things on their laptops and computers. 


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