Windows 10: Microsoft teases the most important update of the decade

During the BUILD 2021 conference series which take place from May 25 to May 27, 2021, Microsoft took the opportunity to discuss the “new generation of Windows” which should be available by the end of the year. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella promises “ one of the most important updates of the decade ».

Windows 10 Sun Valley
Windows 10 Sun Valley (concept) image The Verge

Since 2011, Microsoft has hosted the BUILD Lecture Series every year. These provide an overview of the future products of the Redmond firm, whether Azure or Windows. This year, Satya Nadella, the current CEO of Microsoft, will not mince words. During the opening speech, the big boss of the Redmond firm teased the Windows future, by mentioning ” one of the most important updates of the decade ».

The next big Windows update will be the biggest of the decade

« Soon we’ll be sharing one of the most important Windows updates of the decade. »Satya Nadella said during her opening speech. ” We will create more opportunities for Windows developers, and welcome all creators who are looking for the most innovative, new and open platform to build, distribute and profit from applications. He added, in order to prepare the spirits for a redesign of the Microsoft Store.

Indeed, we had already mentioned it several times on PaperGeek. Microsoft is preparing a brand new Windows operating system for several months already. Presumably, this huge “update” will be called Sun Valley. In particular, it will dress the interface of Microsoft’s operating system with a completely new design. But not only.

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There will also be many new features in the Sun Valley update, such as the arrival of a brand new window for the Command Prompt, a new look for the floating menus, etc. Microsoft should theoretically use Windows 10X resources for Sun Valley development. A version of the operating system that the Redmond firm recently abandoned.

Since some assets will come from Windows 10X, it is very likely that we will find the new Windows 10X file explorer, already teased in the past. Whatever happens, Microsoft has indicated that it will unveil the final version of the Sun Valley update “ at an upcoming online conference ».



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