Windows 10: how to enable or disable hibernation or hibernation

Hibernation, easy to access in older versions of Windows is a little less so under Windows 10. To use it, it must be activated beforehand. A simple process to find a very useful function, but the use of which is not always judicious. Here’s how to enable or disable hibernation or hibernation mode. We also present you its advantages and disadvantages.

Windows 10

Those who used it sometimes in Windows 7 have probably forgotten it, by habituation. The hibernation or hibernation is not available by default in the power off options of the Start menu of Windows 10. This is also the case since Windows 8 where we are only entitled to options of simple standby, shutdown and restart of the system. Microsoft has also gone even further by dispensing with the classic standby in the shutdown options.

The advantage ofhibernation is to shut down the PC completely while allowing the user to resume normal tasks on restart, as if the computer had never been turned off.

How to enable or disable hibernation

Activation is done in the power options of Windows 10. For those who use a laptop, it is also possible to configure the behavior of the PC when the cover is closed to put it in hibernation rather than in simple sleep. .

  • Type Control panel in the Windows search bar
  • Go to Hardware and Sound> Power Options
  • In the left menu, click Choose what the power button does
  • Click on Change Settings currently unavailable to allow options to be changedActivate hibernation
  • Further down, check the option Hibernation. It is now displayed among the options in the On / Off menu. To deactivate it, all you have to do is uncheck the option.

To put laptops into hibernation when the cover closes, return to the power options (Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Power Options). Click on Choose the action following closing the cover to the left. Put the option When I close close the hood on hibernation.Closing the hood and hibernation

That’s it that’s all. But note that hibernation works by transferring data in RAM to the hard drive before shutting down the PC. Each time, therefore, a large amount of data is written to the disk.. Knowing that this can have an impact on the lifespan of SSDs, hibernation should be activated knowingly.


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