Windows 10 21H1: the new update is rolling out, here are the new features and how to install it

Named 21H1, the new version of Windows 10 is being deployed. What innovations can we expect? How to force the installation of this update? We will detail all of this in this article.

Windows 10
Windows 10. Free picture

While Microsoft has confirmed the abandonment of the Windows 10X project, it does not abandon the current version of its OS. As usual, the Redmond firm is rolling out a new Windows update in the spring. However, do not expect a revolution, the major changes are rather planned for the end of the year with the arrival of the update 21h2 aka Sun Valley.

That being said, the 21H1 update is well and truly being deployed. It should be available soon on your machine if it isn’t already. Normally, the download should then be done automatically so that you will only have to restart your PC to benefit from 21H1. If you do not see anything coming, it is possible to force the installation by following the following procedure: Start> Settings> Update and security> Check for updates. You will then be able to see if the 21H1 is ready to be installed on your system.

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Windows 10: What’s New in Update 21H1?

In addition to fixes, this update also includes its share of new features. Especially on the side of Windows Hello, the security system that allows you to connect via facial or digital recognition. Thanks to the update, you can now define several cameras to be recognized. In addition, your taskbar will welcome a newcomer. This is the famous News and Weather widget which we are announcing the imminent arrival.

Finally, also expect an improvement in the file explorer, often singled out for its repeated bugs. The update should make it much smoother. Enough to make us wait until next fall when things start to get serious for Microsoft’s OS.


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