Will the video game industry slow down in 2022?

After an impressive year 2020 for the video game industry, especially due to the pandemic, 2021 has confirmed the trend. According to the latest estimates from IDC analyst Lewis Ward, the global turnover of the video game industry will reach just over 251 billion dollars, an increase of 11% in one year.

The expert nevertheless expects a real slowdown in 2022 with an increase of only 2% in one year, for $ 256 billion in revenue. Several factors are mentioned by Marketwatch to explain this phenomenon.

The successes of 2022 … could be the same as in 2021

According to our colleagues, the shortage of chips, already the work for more than a year will continue in 2022 and no real improvement is planned before 2023. The problem particularly affects console manufacturers like Sony, which has had to reduce shipments of its PlayStation 5. Microsoft is also in difficulty and it remains very difficult to get an Xbox Series X on the market.

The decline in the gaming sector could also be explained by a return to normal life after the health crisis has calmed down. If this prospect seems hard to believe today, experts believe that countries with high vaccination rates may well see the end of the tunnel in 2022. Therefore, new players may abandon this activity somewhat and exit from advantage of home.

Finally, a third phenomenon is also at work. The pandemic has generated numerous production delays. CD Projekt’s setbacks with the Cyberpunk game prompt developers to be cautious and it is no longer really a question of releasing titles that are not really finished. Logically, this should decrease industry revenue, so already popular franchises like Fortnite, and platforms like Roblox or Minecraft should continue to thrive.

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