Will the iPhone 14 be released with a technological delay?

We are only at the beginning of the year 2022 but the rumors concerning the future iPhone 14 (planned for October) are already well underway. Latest information: the iPhone 14 will say goodbye to its famous notch camouflaging Face ID facial recognition technology.

This rumor, already mentioned several times in recent weeks, is this time put forward by Mark Gurman, well known in the midst of “rumorists”. The following question then arises: will Apple keep Face ID or return to the fingerprint reader?

Face ID housed under the screen?

According to Mark Gurman, Apple would have chosen to keep Face ID. But then how to place it in a punch? Engineers would have found a way to place this technology under the screen and maintain the same efficiency.

If some rumors evoke the return of the fingerprint sensor positioned this time under the screen, the most reliable sources (Ming Chi Kuo for example) agree that Apple will keep Face ID. This seems logical given the investments made by the firm in this technology, its integration into the ecosystem and its incomparable level of security.

The iPhone 14, already behind the competition?

While Apple fans rejoice to see the iPhone’s notch disappear, Android smartphone users should enjoy punch-free displays this year.

If Samsung has opened hostilities with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the result is not very convincing for the moment. But it is very likely that this screen technology will improve and become more popular this year. Rumors suggest the integration of a screen without notch or punch in Google Pixel 7.

Should we conclude that the iPhone 14 will lag behind in technology upon its release? Not really. If aesthetically the punch will give the impression of using a smartphone of one or two years, Face ID technology remains unique in the world. To date, no other manufacturer can boast of offering such a biometric technology, with such a level of security.


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