Will Phasmophobia Be Available For The PlayStation And Xbox?

Will Phasmophobia Be Available For The PlayStation And Xbox?

Do you like going out in the dark alongside your friends to look for scary ghosts? Good, because Phasmophobia will be available in August for Xbox Series X as well as S, PS5, as well as PSVR 2.

The supernatural horror game will include possible crossplay support, so console as well as PC friends can play together within a four-player co-op squad as well as scream at the same time when a ghost talks in their ears.

When it came out in Early Access in 2020, Phasmophobia quickly became a favorite co-op horror game. The game’s creators call it “psychological horror,” and players work together in groups of up to four to hunt ghosts using special tools for finding paranormal activity.

At the moment, the game possesses 96% favorable feedback upon Steam, and players who have high levels of involvement say it can be very scary. At the moment, it has 10 places and 20 different ghosts, so each search will feel different.

Phasmophobia is a famous ghost finding game on Steam that has been within early access for a few years. Since it first came out, the game has had a lot of changes that have changed it a lot. One thing fans have been excited to find out is if the title is coming to platforms.

The team has officially said that this will happen, but not all consoles will get this game. So far, we only know a few facts, but what we do know sounds good. Here’s what you have to understand about fear coming to the PlayStation as well as Xbox.

More Details About The Game:

Phasmophobia offers a first-person horror game that can be played with VR that is currently in early access on Steam. It is about four ghostly detectives.

The game is based on real ghost hunting techniques and tools, including EMF readings for finding strange things, Spirit Boxes for communicating with ghosts, as well as Ouija Boards for calling them.

This is the first horror game Kinetic Games has ever tried to make, and the company has never put out a game for PC or platforms before.

Does Xbox Have Phasmophobia?

In accordance to the Xbox Games Extended Showcase, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, as well as PlayStation VR2 will get Console Early Access for Phasmophobia in August 2023.

In 2022, PC players could only play Phasmophobia as an early access game on Steam. And you couldn’t get to it on Xbox.

But the creators said they would put it out on popular game systems like the Xbox as well as PlayStation. You can find out more about the game by following its official Twitter account as well as subreddit.

When Will Fear Be Available On Xbox?

In November 2021, one of Phasmophobia’s creators, CJDXN4, wrote on Reddit: “We’re going to put it out on platforms when the game’s development becomes more complete.” It will take a fair amount of time, but for now, information is more important.”

Kinetic Games was an independent game company with a small budget, which is the problem. If a big publisher doesn’t buy the company or put money into the game’s development, it’s hard for a small group of developers to move a game across platforms.

The Xbox Version Of Phasmophobia Could Be Free To Play:

During the summer sale, Phasmophobia had been on sale for $11.19, which was 20% off. But if you have an Xbox, the good news is that it could be free to play on Game Pass Ultimate.

Microsoft has shown interest in buying rights to popular small games so it can add them to its regular membership. But the reports aren’t true yet, and it’s not clear if it will be included in Game Pass or sold separately.

Taking into account that the average price of independent games in 2020 was about $7.7, it’s possible that Phasmophobia will start at around $10 to $15. But again, if it’s offered independently through the Xbox Store, users to Game Pass will be available to buy it for 20% less.

On the Phasmophobia plan, a platform release isn’t the only important thing. Recently, the people who made Phasmophobia also talked about the upcoming Progression 2.0 update.

New Version For Game Is Coming Out In July:

The game is still on version 0.8, but the 0.9 and 0.9.1 updates will come out in July and September, respectively.

With these new changes, the way equipment is upgraded and how prizes are given will be changed. There will also be new choices and more tools for hunting ghosts, like a sound recording.

Version 1.0 of Phasmaphobia is expected to come out in 2024. It will finally leave Early Access and give players the full experience, with more ghosts, events, places, and tools.

What You Can Expect From The Phasmophobia Console:

The official Xbox blog says that players will continue to receive the same Phasmophobia experience when it comes to platforms. With 24 different kinds of ghosts to find across 10 well-made maps, they will have access to a lot of material.

When the game comes out in August, we don’t yet know if PC, Xbox, as well as PlayStation devices will be able to play with each other. But, as you might think, the “early access” label will have some problems.

The PC community loves the word Phasmophobia. Players might be interested in the game for an extended period because they can go on tasks in search of ghosts using different tools and tricks. When the game comes out on other platforms, its fan group will definitely grow.


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