Will Apple make your Mac M1 obsolete with its future M2 chip?

In 2021, you fell in love with one of the latest MacBook Air, or Pro with M1, M1 Pro or even M1 Max chip? With each new release of a computer equipped with Apple silicon, one impression emerges: each new model seems to make the previous one out of date – while at the same time, the border between ranges like the MacBook Air and Pro has never been so outfit.

So there is reason to wonder what Apple has in store for us with its next round of computers equipped with an M2 chip. The first information on the subject is starting to filter through the web. We first learn that Apple will only launch a new generation of chips every 18 months. Which at least gives Apple customers some time to feel like they have the ultimate in performance and battery life.

Why Apple won’t make you want to replace your Mac M1 with an M2 this year

Thus the first M2 chips should be unveiled in the second half of 2022. Apple will reveal this year only the least efficient third with an update of the MacBook Air. However, it immediately seems that this new chip should not make current MacBook Air and Pro owners jealous. Indeed, according to Mark Gurman, we are on a very incremental update, with improvements which would only be “marginal” on the performance side.

All M2 chips will indeed be engraved in 4 nm against 5 nm for the M1 chip. The most entry-level M2 chip would have the same number of CPU cores (4 high performance cores, 4 energy saving cores) as the M1 chip. While the current chip has 8 GPU cores delivering a power of around 2.6 TFLOPS, the M2 chip should strengthen the graphics with between 9 and 10 GPU cores.

A priori Apple will not speak this year about the M2 Pro and Max variants – we will have to wait for that to 2023. Beyond that, we already know that the M3 generation will be engraved according to the TSMC 3 nm process, which should make the devices that the embark even more efficient and enduring. In addition, it is rumored that Apple could restructure its range of computers, for greater clarity in the coming months. Up to 6 different models would be offered, each carrying a different chip.

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What do you think of this first info on the next Apple chips? Did you buy a Mac M1 this year? Share your feedback in the comments!


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