why the worst is yet to come?

2021 has been a particularly difficult year for cybersecurity. In particular, there has been a significant increase in phishing and ransomware attacks. These campaigns are particularly painful for the targeted organizations whether they are businesses, local communities or hospitals.

Unfortunately, a study conducted by the company Embroker is not there to reassure us for the future. The increased tendency to telework, and in a broader sense to dematerialization, which pose real concerns in terms of cybersecurity, should indeed attract the greed of malicious actors. Therefore, experts expect a continued increase in ransomware attacks.

The cost of cybercrime will explode in the years to come

Globally, the cost of cybercrimes (a name much broader than just ransomware) cited in this report is shivers down the spine. It is estimated that it was causing companies to lose 3 trillion in 2015, while this amount could reach 10,500 billion in 2025.

Another figure to better understand the danger: a ransomware attack occurred every 40 seconds in the world in 2016, against every 11 seconds in 2021. Among the organizations most targeted, experts cite banks and financial institutions, establishments health, and universities. Faced with the danger, cybersecurity spending should therefore continue to grow very strongly over the next few years.

Embroker concludes by offering some valuable advice to its customers. In particular, data transfers should be kept to a minimum, especially when they are not necessary. Likewise, when you download a file, it is necessary to be very careful because it is often through this that the attacks are operated.

It is also essential to use a strong password and regularly update the software. Finally, and for companies that can, it’s important to prepare for a possible data breach so you know what to do when the time comes.

Cybercrime unfortunately does not spare individuals, although it is not discussed here. The use of an antivirus solution adapted to your needs is essential to use your computer and your smartphone more serenely.

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Bitdefender Plus Antivirus

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