Why the price of books may soon increase on Amazon

« Reduce distortion of competition “. This is the objective of the law “aimed at improving the book economy and strengthening equity between its players”, which has just been adopted fairly widely by the National Assembly. The main aspect of this text is the establishment of a minimum price for the sale of books online in France.

Amazon is very critical of this project

Quoted by our colleagues from Le Parisien, the LREM deputy, Geraldine Bannier, discusses this strategy:

Amazon, and other large groups such as Fnac or Cultura, circumvents the obligation to invoice delivery, by charging 0.01 euros in postage. Small and independent bookstores cannot charge such a low price. In fact, it is cheaper to buy a book at Amazon than on the site of an independent bookseller.

Therefore, if the law were to come into force, this minimum price would be jointly proposed by the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications, Posts and Press Distribution (Arcep), the Ministry of the Economy, and the Ministry of Culture. This project, which must now be examined at second reading by senators, would not come into force before current 2022, report our colleagues.

As one might expect, Amazon, which will be directly impacted by this measure, is opposed to it. Thus, Frédéric Duval, the French director of the e-commerce giant, deplored this law which “ would penalize the distribution of books in our territory ».
He thinks in particular of the inhabitants of municipalities with less than 10,000 inhabitants, which constitute more than half of the books purchased, on the platform. ” They would be faced with a simple alternative: read less or suffer a loss of purchasing power. He says.

During the first reading of the text in the Senate, the law was also criticized by Senator Les Républicains, Martine Berthet, who then believed that the measure could lead to “ a drastic increase in the price of books for consumers without the booksellers gaining additional customers ».

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