why the number of phone scams is exploding

Telephone spam is a problem that affects more and more French people, without really effective solutions having so far succeeded in stemming it. The government has launched the Bloctel service, which makes it possible to report and block unwanted calls. But as early as 2020, the then Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, recognized the limited effectiveness of the measure, while a survey of 60 million consumers had determined a few years earlier that almost a majority of enrolled in Bloctel did not report any improvement in the situation.

In parallel with the Bloctel system, the law has become tougher against canvassing by telephone. In particular around a type of scam particularly popular on this medium: cold calling around the Personal Training Account (CPF). In general, it is a question of selling fanciful formations, allowing the sponsors to collect the subsidies dedicated to the formations of the employees. The CPF is some 50 billion euros – which whets the appetite of many unscrupulous players.

Telephone spam continues to grow to the chagrin of customers

An amendment to the Finance Bill (PLF) 2022 prohibiting the canvassing of CPF accounts has been tabled. But the PLF was rejected en bloc by the senators and the measure has not yet been able to be discussed again. The government does not appear to have abandoned its intention to ban the practice. But for that he has to wait for a new window of opportunity, while a National Assembly has just been elected without a clear majority.

Our colleagues from BFMTV report that in 2022, a customer receives an average of 13 unwanted calls per month (Orange figures). A 60% increase compared to 2020 when subscribers received an average of only 8 such calls each month. All customers are not equal in the face of the phenomenon. Reused, some numbers are “polluted” and therefore expose some to more calls.

But the situation pales in comparison to landlines. Admittedly, these are used less and less on a daily basis. But landlines are now a magnet for telephone spam: more than 60% on average of calls received via these lines are telephone spam. This represents no less than 16 unwanted calls per month if you leave the fixed handset connected.

In addition to Bloctel, operators often offer their own solution to combat telephone spam. At Orange, the Orange Telephone application (600,000 users) is a collaborative service that allows anyone to report and immediately block a fraudulent number. If you receive communications from players who wish to sell you CPF training, the best advice is of course to hang up.


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