Why Pierre Niney “ghosted” Thomas Pesquet’s calls from the ISS

For a fortnight, while still aboard the ISS, Thomas Pesquet desperately tried to call his friend Pierre Niney. But the latter visibly “ghosted” him by mistake for a fortnight, reveals the actor in a portrait published by Liberation.

Thomas Pesquet is indeed a fan of Pierre Niney. While on board the station, he asked Pierre Niney to send him a copy of Boîte Noire, a film of which you can see the trailer at the end of the article. So far so good.

Pierre Niney does not answer calls for which he does not know the origin

The astronaut was indeed able to receive the film after, one imagines, a refueling mission. And looked at him, some 420 km above sea level. However, the work has him so much more that he sought in the following days to contact the actor – initially without success.

In fact, reveals the actor, this ghosting in rule lasted nearly 15 days – 15 days during which those who are undoubtedly among the most famous French in the world did not manage to join. Why this reaction? Was Pierre Niney in a bad mood?

Did Thomas Pesquet unknowingly make a “misstep” that would have offended the actor? In fact it is not. The reason why Pierre Niney methodically refused all the astronaut’s calls is linked to his profession, and to the origin of the calls.

Indeed, when an astronaut calls Earth from the ISS, all communications pass through Houston, Texas, regardless of nationality. Suddenly, the actor saw on his phone these strange calls from Texas, where he is not supposed to shoot any film and simply rejected them.

Without telling himself that these calls were perhaps desperate attempts by Thomas Pesquet to contact him. Fortunately, one day, he ended up dropping out, and the two men laughed a lot at this regular ghosting. They also briefly extended the conversation in a series of tweets as well as on Instagram:

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