Why Netflix is ​​banking on derivatives

This is an announcement that has not gone unnoticed across the Atlantic. Products derived from series as popular as Squid Game Where Stranger Things are available for sale at Walmart with the consent of Netflix. On the menu, we find T-shirts, cooking kits, and vinyl records inspired by these programs.

As Les Échos notes, this strategy obeys a marketing logic cleverly thought out by the streaming giant. In addition to this marketing of products outside the platform which generates additional income, Netflix is ​​also trying to unite its community around its flagship creations and why not recruit new customers.

Netflix’s investment in video games follows the same strategy

Our colleagues also recall that the sale of derivative products is not new for the company, which recently opened an online store dedicated to the American market. But the partnership with Walmart is not trivial. The supermarket giant is indeed a place very frequented by the American middle and working classes. By taking a stand in this universe, Netflix therefore permeates the imagination of this target audience a little more.

The platform also has a lot to do in its market and must deal with fierce competition from Disney +, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and on a lesser scale from Apple TV +, and it is in this sense that we must understand its presence at Walmart.

Remember that Netflix is ​​also trying to seduce a new audience by betting on video games. Again, the idea is to ride the success of successful franchises like Stranger Things which is already entitled to its video game version.

While the series Squid Game triumph currently, it could also be adapted in game. Nothing is official, but the insider Tom Henderson indicated on his Twitter account that a studio is already working on the title. It remains to be seen whether this rumor will prove to be reliable.



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