Why Microsoft SC-400 Exam is Extremely Valuable for Your Career?

For every business having employees collaborating and clients sharing their data, security is essential. In businesses where huge amounts of sensitive information are involved and worked around, data security is the first thing that the owner thinks of. Even for companies using fully managed tools provided by Microsoft MB-210 , there is a need for professionals to ensure the security and protection of data. Thus, it creates a demand for highly certified individuals who can easily manage the work and keep the business intact. 

To help people learn what information protection administration is and how they can excel in this field, Microsoft has introduced this Microsoft 98-349 for whoever wants to become a certified professional by gaining the Microsoft Certified: Information Protection Administrator Associate accreditation.

Significance of SC-400 Exam

There is a possibility that your organization might be demanding skill enhancement in the protection of data of Microsoft 365 tools while operating through it, or you simply want to possess relevant skills. For that passing Microsoft MS-101 is what you need. Moreover, as an employer, you might be wondering what benefits you may experience by hiring an employee with this credential. Whatever the situation is, we will discuss the importance of this exam from different perspectives.

  • Immense Knowledge and Understanding

Preparing for SC-400 gives you a piece of in-depth knowledge and understanding of compliance and information security and the ways through which they are linked together. It also helps you to realize your responsibilities as an information protection administrator – like catering to the needs of information security and aligning it according to the policies and controls of the department.

  • Augmented Value to The Business

As an employer, hiring professionals who have aced the Microsoft 70-767 holds great value, as this person possesses the most updated knowledge and skills. In an era where people are terrified of information theft and loss, it is difficult for them to trust every other firm or individual around the globe. Thus, by passing the SC-400 exam and being a certified Microsoft Information Protection Administrator, you can meet the business needs, secure the information, and prevent data loss.

  • Exciting Career Opportunities

Getting certified as an information security administrator associate can bring you closer to your dreams and provide you ample high-paying opportunities as security is top-notch in the corporate world. As this exam will help certify your skills, you will be able to approach better circumstances and keep your stride ahead in the employment market, with high-paying jobs.

According to the Zip recruiter website, a Microsoft MS-202 has an average yearly salary of $98,885. Some other job positions waiting for you are as follows: administrator, information protection administrator, risk practitioner, security engineer.

  • Recognized For Their Efficiency and Productivity

After getting Microsoft certified and gaining the skills required, soon you build up your work portfolio and reach the level of productivity, where people start recognizing you for your potential and experience. According to Microsoft itself, Microsoft-certified professionals are almost 90% more productive than their counterparts. 


Preparing for role-based certification exams by Microsoft assist you to stay updated with the rising technologies, specialized information in your domain, and business requirements. Without any doubt, it is a great step to get yourself certified as an Information Protection Administrator Associate by passing the AZ-801 . Being a certified professional in the chosen domain brings you benefits that you can use and enjoy. So, why wait? Take the exam and validate your skills by a reputable company.


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