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At the end of last year, the giant Apple made official its fourth generation of its iPad Air. This comes back into the range with attractive technical characteristics for a lower price than the premium iPad Pro. By taking advantage of the current offer put forward by Fnac, you can achieve one of the best deals of this Black Friday.

In the range of iPad Air, there are several parameters that influence the price: storage capacity and connectivity. If you take the cheapest device, with 64 GB of storage and the Wi-Fi connection, it will cost you € 669 by default. Right now, for Black Friday, Fnac offers you a double advantage: it immediately drops to 589 euros and you receive an amount on your Fnac loyalty card as a bonus. In the end, the price drops to € 544 instead of € 689.

See the iPad Air offer

Since the launch of this flash sale yesterday afternoon, the stock has melted. There are several models that are out of stock and others have had their shipping date postponed later. If you want to take advantage of a reduction of more than 100 € on all these excellent iPad Air, then you will not have to wait. At any time, Fnac can suspend its offer.

Before going into the details of this new iPad Air, here is how the discount works with the Fnac card. This weekend you have the possibility to use the code BLACK15 to receive € 15 credit on your account for every € 150 purchase. For an iPad Air 64 GB Wi-Fi, this amounts to a premium of € 45. This amount can then be spent on the Fnac site on most products.

The iPad Air for an ideal compromise

At Apple, there are three lines of touch tablets. On the one hand, there are the very basic iPad 8s – which could use a little updating. Then there are the iPad Air which are positioned just below the iPad Pro. If the latter are more efficient (especially at the photo level), they are also much more expensive. If you have a basic use of your iPad, you might as well go on one of the Air models.

To speak concretely, the iPad Air cost around 200 € less than the Pro versions. There is a lot of similarity between the two: the Retina display and the overall design of the two tablets are very close. For the Air version, the format is 10.9 inches diagonally. The iPad Pros are available in two sizes (11 and 12.9 inches). However, we will appreciate the rich range of colors available on the iPad Air.

Also in the similarities, the two Apple tablets come with an A14 Bionic processor which will prove to be excellent. This iPad Air is also perfect for designers who need a powerful tool to run their video editing and editing applications. The games on the tablet run perfectly, there will be no latency. Finally, the autonomy is 10 hours on the two Air and Pro tablets.

See the iPad Air offer

The big difference between the two models is the photo part. On the iPad Air, there is a single 12 MP wide-angle module. It’s a bit limited, of course, but not everyone needs to have a dual photo sensor on the back of their touch pad. Taking photos with a tablet isn’t always the easiest thing to do. As for the selfie sensor, it’s the same on both devices.

Fnac started on Black Friday

For this new day of Black Friday, Fnac hits hard. You can see this offer on the iPad Air directly on the home page of the merchant site. Clearly, this is one of the best deals out there right now on the e-commerce site. No other player has been able to negotiate such a discount with Apple. So it is here and now or never that you should take advantage of it.

We have detailed above the reduction applied to the 64 GB version with the Wi-Fi connection. That said, if you have large files to store on your touch pad, you are better off opting for a version with a storage capacity 256 GB. For the Wi-Fi version only, this iPad Air will cost you € 759 instead of € 839. Here, have the code BLACK15, you will be able to receive an additional € 75 bonus on your Fnac card.

Finally, there is also the whole range of iPad Air with Wi-Fi and 4G connection. This allows you to have a SIM card directly integrated into your tablet to have a better connection (and not need Wi-Fi). For those who make it their professional tool, it is a very good choice. For Black Friday, Fnac also has better prices on these models. For 10 € more than the iPad Air Wi-Fi, you will be able to take advantage of this improved version.

No need to tell you that it will be necessary to be quick to get your hands on one of the latest iPad Air still available on the Fnac website. Note that you then have 14 days after delivery of your product to retract. This allows you to test it directly at home without any pressure. If you don’t like that, then there is always the option of requesting a refund after the return.

To discover the whole range of iPad Air, it’s here:

See the iPad Air offer


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