Why are Hoopa portals in Pokémon Go?

The third part of Ultra Bonus is underway in Pokémon Go, bringing new Pokémon, such as Zacian and Zamazenta, to the mobile game. Strange rings have also appeared in the sky. Here is what these portals are.

If you played Pokémon Go during the Go Fest 2021 and the Ultra Unlock event, you will no doubt have noticed the appearance of strange rings in the sky of the game map.

If you don’t know what they are, and what they are used for, this article will answer those questions. Here’s everything we know about them.

The rings of Hoopa in Pokémon Go

Hoopa portals in Pokémon Go
Niantic | The Pokemon Compagny

Portals have appeared in the sky of Pokémon Unite!

The portals in the sky were generated by the creature of the sixth generation, Hoopa. The Psychic / Specter-type uses their rings to create a space-time opening, allowing other Pokémon to travel through.

As part of the Ultra Bonus event, new Pokémon have been added to Niantic’s game through these portals. For some, especially for Zacian and Zamazenta, of Sword and Shield, it is their first appearance in Pokémon Go.

This is a particularly interesting story that allows Niantic to bring new Fabulous and Legendary Pokémon to the title, and thus make it more appealing.

What are the portals in the sky in Pokémon Go for?

As for the function of the portals in the sky in Pokémon Go, you might be disappointed if you were hoping they had an element of gameplay. Indeed, apart from their strangeness, which makes them captivating, they do nothing at all. They are only used for visual purposes.

However, what’s odd is that Hoopa isn’t part of Pokémon Go’s Pokédex, which means you can’t catch him or meet him in any way. Maybe this is all a clue to what will happen in the future.

The third part of the Ultra Bonus 2021 ending on August 31, Hoopa’s rings will likely disappear on this date as well.

This is all we know about the portals in the sky of Pokémon Go. leaks, guides or tips of Niantic’s game, do not hesitate to take a look at our page dedicated to this subject.


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